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How to Talk About Our Service

When describing our service on your website or social media, please ensure your messaging is accurate and legally compliant by following these messaging guidelines.

Do This — Not That

Do not say “No Credit Needed” or “Good credit” or “Bad Credit”
Instead say “All Credit Profiles Considered”

Do not say “Soft Inquiry Only” or “No Credit Check”
Instead you may share the link to our credit pull policy:

Do not quote specific attributes of any one program on our platform with phrases like “Same as Cash” or “No Fees” or “0% APR”
Instead say “Your terms will be clearly explained based on the lender/lessor you are matched with before signing and with no obligation to accept”

If you intend to participate in a promotional program from one of our lenders you may say “Promotional rates may be available depending on your application and credit profile.”

Do not reference specific types of financial products such as “loan”, “lease”, “credit line”.
Instead say “Payment Solutions” or “Finance Options” or “Ways to Pay Over Time”

If you would like to introduce Terrace Finance to your customers with some descriptive language, use the following as a guide.

Sample Description:

We offer the Terrace Finance payment solution for customers who wish to pay over time for their purchase. All credit profiles are considered and welcome. Your application gets routed through the Terrace Finance network of lenders/lessors which works to find you a program compatible with your credit profile and needs.

The web banner we provide contains the following disclaimer language. If you opt not to use the banner or have any Apply buttons elsewhere on your site, this language must be present.

Disclaimer Language:

Terrace Finance is not a lender. We route your application through our network of lenders/lessors. Approval and approval amount are subject to credit eligibility and not guaranteed. Must be 18 or older to apply.


Terrace Finance logo

300px wide

Place on a Financing page on your site and embed your unique Customer Application Link in the image.