Getting Set Up

Add Link example

Make it easy for customers to apply.

Embed your unique store link in a button or banner on your site. This gives customers a logical place to apply and allows you to:

  • Protect your leads by locking them to your store.
  • Track your deals in your dealer dashboard.
  • Receive real-time updates of customers’ application status.
  • Receive payment by the lenders.

Your unique store link is included in your Welcome Kit. Lost it? Email us at

Buttons & Logo

Splash Image

Copy & paste this text to go with it (be sure to embed a link in the image):

Financing available through the Terrace Finance multi-lender platform. One easy application pinpoints your needs and finds you the best lender match from the network.

Skinny Banner

Compact Banner

Help yourself to some branding.

Let your customers know you offer Terrace Finance!

  • Use your own button or download ours.
  • Want to put our logo on a promotion? Here you go.
  • Want to embed your link in an eye catching banner? We have a few choices.

Educational Iframe:

Educate your customers.

Place this content on a page in your site by embedding a simple line of code using and “html code block”.

IMPORTANT: This iframe does not link to the application. To do that, place a button embedded with your unique store link on the same page with this iframe.

EXTRA CREDIT: Turn your application link into an iframe

Make it user-friendly!

Customers will feel more comfortable if they stay on your site to complete the application. Including it in an I-frame on your site keeps the application in a familiar setting and makes it feel more legit.